Monday, March 21, 2016

My First Ebook: When a Diagnosis Changes Everything

I'm happy to share with you my first ebook, which is a collection of stories from 11 of my amazing writer friends I've made during the last year. Yes, they've been published on several different sites, but above all, they're amazing moms and advocates for their children.

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From the introduction:

"Diagnosis. It’s a word that often doesn’t bring happy feelings.

Often, by the time you have gotten a diagnosis for your child, you’ve already climbed a mountain. You’ve sat by and watched your child slowly slip away, or present strange symptoms, or not progress typically on the milestone curve. And you felt fear—real, true fear, about what the differences might mean for your child’s future.

For some, the diagnosis might have come at birth—as a complete surprise. For others, the diagnosis might take years to discover—years of doctor visits, blood tests, specialists, and hospital stays. And for some very few, even after all those years of hoping and praying, a diagnosis remains unknown.

Whatever the path to your child’s diagnosis, there was a journey taken. You learned just how much you love your child—how far you are willing to travel to get answers so that unsettling feeling can leave your troubled soul. You kept climbing and reaching only to get to the top and realize that the diagnosis is only the beginning. Now real life can begin with your child, and, armed with more knowledge and support, you trudge down the other side, having no idea what awaits you. But you keep on walking, because that’s what mothers do.

In the following pages, eleven incredible mothers share their children’s diagnosis stories. Though each one is vastly different, one thing remains: a diagnosis changes everything."


  1. So excited about this ebook. Evana Sandusky is a friend of mine. I'm looking forward to reading her story as well as all the other stories of those contributing.

    1. thanks for stopping by, Tricia! Did you subscribe to the blog by email?

  2. Love reading your posts and the way that you mold them into an amazing piece of letter. This is what makes us to read the post and that's why we love them.