Wednesday, February 10, 2016

But Julianna Doesn't Have Red Hair, Mommy!

Sometimes Nathan says really cute things, and I want to record them in more than just a little Facebook post. Putting it on my blog means it will be more easily accessible. Today we had one of those moments that I want to remember.

On the way home from picking him up from school, I asked him what color his hair was. I like to ask him this to see if he will say "red" or "orange."

Me: Nathan, what color is your hair?

N: Uhhh....ORANGE!

Orange. Of course. Each of my redheads has always said orange, because it IS orange. Not red. Why do they call them redheads, anyway? I decided to ask more questions.

Me: Orange? Okay, it is orange. What color is Blake's hair?

N: Orange!

Me: Yep! His hair is orange, like yours. And what about Julianna?

N: Uhhh.....BROWN!

Brown? Really? That was a first from him.

Me: Brown? No...her hair is orange, like yours, silly!

N: NO! It's BROWN!

Me: Hmm...okay, Nathan.

We made it to the kids' school and waited for them to walk to the car. When he saw Julianna approaching with Blake, he yelled, "See, Mommy? Julianna has BROWN hair!"

I looked at that tall redhead walking toward us, her red curly hair shining in the sun, and had no idea why he thought it was brown. It is really thick, but other than that, I'm not sure where his color confusion is coming from. Regardless, I think it's cute.

Julianna got into the car, and I told her that Nathan said her hair is brown, not orange or red.

Julianna promptly corrected him: "No, Nathan, my hair is RED, not BROWN! Got it?" She likes to say "got it" lately. And I'm glad she's reached the level of maturity where she knows her hair is red, even though it's actually orange.

N: No, it's BROWN!

J: No, it's RED!

Me: Okay, that's enough. Let Nathan believe what he wants.

The conversation turned to school day topics and that was that. It makes me wonder, though, if I asked Nathan next week the same question, what he'd reply. There's no denying my kids each have red hair!

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  1. We looked over which high redhead strolling towards all of us, the woman's red-colored frizzy hair glowing within the sunlight, as well as experienced absolutely no concept the reason why he or she believed it had been dark brown. It really is heavy, however apart from that, I am unsure exactly where their colour misunderstandings is actually originating from. Irrespective, I believe it is adorable.