Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crazy weeks

Some weeks are pretty laid back...no doctor appointments, no therapy, no anything, except the usual errands and responsibilities. And then some weeks are the complete opposite, like this week. Those weeks where all you can do to get through is dream about Sunday, and look forward to when you don't have to rush around everywhere!

Today was a non-stop day. Kids off to school, get ready to take Nathan to speech therapy (30 min drive), run into Best Buy right before to trade an SD card that was the wrong size for our new video camera, rush over to therapy, run to Sam's Club to get a few things, deposit checks at the bank, come home, put Nathan down for a nap, clean the kitchen and the house so it's not messy later, wake up Nathan, get the kids from school, go straight to Julianna's psychologist appointment with the kids, rush home to get dinner ready for the missionaries coming over, put Nathan to bed, make phone calls/texts for another thing I'm doing, put older kids to bed, relax, finally. Days like this I wonder how I even survived! I don't like to be super busy, but sometimes it just all happens on one day, and I can't change it. Unfortunately, this entire week has almost all non-stop days, and I'm not happy about it!

That psychologist appointment, however, was the highlight of the day. Her wonderful psychologist has been helping me with the 1, 2, 3 Magic, and told me that if Julianna can reach the goal of 21 days of no hand biting, she would throw her a little party. So that's what we did. We brought cupcakes, and she made a special certificate just for her, and she made it fun, and we did hip, hip hurrays, and clapped and cheered, and the look on Julianna's face was priceless. We wanted to make sure she knew what a big deal it was for her to accomplish this goal, a goal that just a few months ago, I thought would be impossible. If it weren't for this new psychologist, we would not be at this new place for our family.

Here she is blowing the candles on her cupcakes, and holding up her certificate. After that, she got out some coloring books, games, and puzzles, and we all sat with her (Joel met us there from work) and played together as a family with the woman who helped us reach a huge milestone. It was a great moment, something I will never forget. I am so very proud of what Julianna has done in the past few months, and I have a new hope for the future with her.
In other exciting news, I found out from Nathan's early start teacher that instead of her coming once a week for an hour to our home, Nathan can attend an early start class of 18 mo - 3 year olds, with a 1:3 teacher/student ratio, at the same place Julianna went to preschool many years ago! As I've mentioned before, I LOVED her preschool, so if Nathan has the opportunity to go to a class like this, I just might jump on it! I'm not sure how many days a week it will be, but it's 8 am -11:30, and he gets to eat lunch, too. So next month could be something new for my little guy, and a lot more driving for me!
Even though I despise the busyness, I keep going, because it's all for my kids. They need me during these years, and depend on me for a lot. I feel so fortunate that I can be there for them, and be there for all these moments that mean so much to our family. So yes, we are busy, but we are also doing an important work. Family is the best!

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