Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update on the diet

I really, really wish I could write more on my blog. I would every day if I could. It is just so hard to find enough time to devote to it. Now that the school year is back in full swing, and I am trying to do lots of things to the house as well, and Julianna is involved in therapy, and not to mention I have a very demanding toddler, it just can't happen. But I am at least trying to do it once a week! It's a good goal for now.

So we did allow Julianna to eat regular food as of one week ago. So far she's had only a few instances where I second guessed this decision. She had a horrible tantrum right before we left for church this past Sunday, one so bad that I thought for sure it was because she was eating gluten and dairy again. We were in the car when it happened, and Nathan even started saying "STOP!" in his car seat because her screaming was so out of control. But after allowing her to calm down in the car before we went inside, we were able to talk about why she got so upset (it was because we didn't let her bring a certain book to church) and I was able to ask her if she thought the foods she was eating were making her feel more angry. She said no, that she was just mad that she couldn't bring the book.

And I think she's right. Allowing her to eat regular food really hasn't changed her behavior one bit. She's still Julianna, and that means if you do not let her do what she wants, she will get mad, really mad. And this is something we are working on. I guess what made this tantrum exceptionally bad was the fact that we said no, she couldn't have the book, and she really, really had her little heart set on having that one particular book. I should have known she would tantrum like that. Over the years, I have been able to identify many of her triggers. But we were in a hurry, we didn't have time for her to go get it, and I thought she might be able to just let it go. Well, lesson learned.

But I would say overall, she has shown no adverse reactions to being on normal food again. She is so excited to eat regular bread, cookies, milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, crackers, the list goes on. I feel like as long as I continue the 1, 2, 3 Magic with her she will stop her tantrums and learn to control how she reacts to different situations. We have told her that if she can go 21 days in a row without biting or screaming, she will get a new doll. So far she's made it 2 days in a row. And then we will work on the next troubling behavior so she can continue learning how to appropriately respond in troubling situations.

Being her mom is not always easy. I often feel like I'm walking on eggshells, trying to avoid any type of outburst from her. But lately, I have started to relax a little bit more, because she really is loosening up herself. I just take things one day a time.

And by the way, remember how she randomly said to me, "You're the best mommy ever"? Well, that has turned into her new thing. Now, after she says or asks something, she'll say, "You're the best mommy ever." And actually, she has changed that a little, all on her own, and instead she says, "You're a dynamite mommy." She liked the phrase from "Wreck It Ralph." She really makes life interesting!

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