Monday, July 28, 2014

No More Silence in Waiting Rooms

It's really interesting when everything seems to come together in your life, just when you need it. Lately I have been feeling really bitter and down about everything, and how stressful things are with the kids. Yesterday in church, I felt like everything said was meant for me to hear, and I just love it when that happens! A talk in sacrament meeting about using social media to share the gospel (and uplifting, positive things), a lesson in Sunday School about raising children and remembering how they are sent to us from God and that we have a special relationship with them, and then a lesson in Relief Society (the women's class) about how the cure for bitterness is gratitude. All of these things really made me think once again about why I have been given such unique children, and how I can use the talents I have been given to help others.

So I studied the talk on gratitude again, and realized that I needed much more gratitude in my life in order to get through the trials I face with my children. And I kept thinking about the last post I wrote about trials, and how everyone has a story, and how I said that there was too much silence in waiting rooms. And I thought about how I have always had an interest in writing and sharing stories. In high school, I wrote for the yearbook staff. In college, I came close to either majoring in print or broadcast journalism, but chose English instead, because back then I didn't want to have to apply to a competitive college program. (If I could go back, I would have gone for it!) Regardless, my desire to write is there, and to share inspiring stories of special needs children.

Today I took Nathan to get a hearing test, and I knew I would be surrounded once again by people who are all facing challenges with their children. So I opened my mouth, and started talking to people around me, and was so glad I did. One family there actually has kids that attend my kids' school, which is strange because this doctor is about 35 minutes away. So I talked to hear and she told me a little about her oldest son's challenges, and now I have another mom to lean on for support. Another mom to my left had a girl with a cleft lip/palate, and we talked about the challenges we faced with surgeries and doctor visits. Both moms were more than willing to share their story, just like I am. It is so true that sharing your challenges really strengthens you. It's like free therapy! And hearing their stories made me stronger as well.

As I was talking to the mom and aunt of the girl with a cleft lip/palate, I kept thinking in the back of my mind, I should ask if they would like to share their story on my blog. But then they got called back before me, and I just didn't have the right opportunity. Then I got called back, and I wasn't sure if I would see them again. But as luck would have it, they came out right after I did, and we said our goodbyes, and I still wasn't sure if I should ask these complete strangers if they would like to share their story. So as they were outside in the hallway waiting for the elevator, I knew if they got on that elevator I would lose my chance forever. So I ran out there really quick, and asked if they were interested in sharing their story on my blog. With great enthusiasm, they agreed! We exchanged info, and now I have another mom who I can lean on for support, and who will be able to share her story here soon.

What I also realized after being so bold in opening my mouth is that I felt all of my bitterness disappear completely. Many of you have probably heard how when you do service you forget your own problems and cares because you are focusing on someone else. Well, it was very similar to that, because showing interest in someone else's child and learning from their life story was like doing service. When you talk to someone who has gone through a difficult time with their child, and you just listen and let them tell their story, you are serving them and allowing them to lift some of the burdens they feel. I wasn't focused so much on my own problems in that moment--I was able to hear from someone else who had gone through a very similar situation to mine. The strength we gained from one another was immeasurable. And if I could describe how I feel right now, it is grateful. Grateful that I opened my mouth and let other moms share their challenges with me. Grateful that I now know two more moms that can be a support.

So I have made a decision: no more silence in waiting rooms. No more moping about my situation. With all the doctors I see on a regular basis, there is no end to the people I can talk to and learn from, and then hopefully share their stories with you. It's time to have an attitude of gratitude, and to look past my own problems and talk to others. Plus, I can put my journalism skills to work again...


  1. You are an amazing woman with so much talent. I love your blog, and the beautiful music you play. You go girl!