Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I'm doing this

Recently I was fortunate enough to guest post on for a special needs spotlight, something the author does every Friday. When I sent her my request about how I have three special children, I really did not think I had a chance in being chosen, so I was surprised that she very much wanted me to share my story. Writing that post made me realize something...I do have a story to tell, a story I have kept mainly to family and close friends all these years, because I worried about what my kids would think later on, or that I would just be seen as someone who just wants others to feel pity about my situation. But writing that post, and then seeing the few comments from strangers about how they admired my courage, and how my story inspired them, made me think deeply about what I can do to help others if I were to start a blog.

I have always loved writing...ever since I was little I would write stories about my pets, family, and friends. My high school and college teachers said I was a gifted writer--I majored in English and editing. But then of course becoming a mom put a halt to all those supposed "gifts" and I knew I would use them at the right time, the right place in my life...maybe this blog will be a start for me? Now this does not mean my blog will be profound, earth-shattering, or exceptional, but it does mean it will be real, honest, and reflective.

So after having my first child, and learning year after year the complexities of her challenges, and then having my second, with his own set of completely different health issues, and then a third with a whole new set of trials, I thought, wow, how did this happen to me? Why was I chosen to parent such unique children? What am I supposed to learn from this, and even more so, what can others learn from my experiences?

So I am doing this for two reasons: one is mainly selfish, since writing about my experiences will allow me to release some of the frustrations and joys I go through as their mother; and the other is for you, the readers, to give you insight, hopefully, into your own lives and be able to cope with challenges and joys that might be similar. Blogging is about sharing, about being open and not being afraid. About giving of yourself so that others can grow, change, or receive comfort. About preserving memories, the good and the bad.

Of course I understand the risks...believe me, I feel like I'm walking the plank, putting myself and my kids out there, taking the plunge, by doing this. But it's a risk I am willing to take, to give of myself openly so that maybe, just maybe, others will see themselves in my experiences and gain the understanding they have so desparately needed. I will tell it like it is--I want others to know what it's really like to raise special children. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying my best to raise the children I have been given.

I sincerely hope that this blog will serve its purpose. If you know of any friends or family that can benefit from my stories, please feel free to share. I really want to influence and inspire others, special needs parents in particular, as I pave this unknown road ahead. And by sharing I hope through your comments that I can feel validated, comforted, and strengthened as well. We all win in the blogging world! Here we go!

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